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When it comes to giving, God doesn’t need our money or our things. What he needs is us, and the process of giving blesses us and changes us, as well as brings Him glory. When we give, we are obeying God and doing what is uncomfortable, which helps us grow and be who God has called us to be.


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About Our Foundation

Beacon of Hope is the humanitarian arm of Shepherd Bushiri Ministries. Our goal is to help as many hurting people in Africa and the globe as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith, to give them hope and to renew their faith in God. Through vital outreaches, practical humanitarian aid and media broadcasting worldwide, we’re sharing the love of Christ to millions around the world.

Our foundation has spend over


million ZAR

we are present in



we've helped


children so far

more than


people donated



volunteers across Africa

Our mission is to make them feel safe

Our believe is that if we do what we do long enough, those we help will eventually want to know what’s different about us and what’s compelling us to do this for them. And that’s when we get to introduce them to our Savior—Jesus Christ.

“We can do no great things only small things with great love”


What We Do

We feed the hungry, we cloth the naked and are simply the arms of God here on earth. Our believe is that if we do what we do long enough, those we help will eventually want to know what’s different about us and what’s compelling us to do this for them. And that’s when we get to introduce them to our Savior—Jesus Christ.


Mobilizing for education as well as providing funds so that every child, boy or girl, has access to quality education as a fundamental human right and as a prerequisite for human development.

Health and Nutrition

Implementing and managing medical projects in Africa which focuses on emergency medical and humanitarian relief. We implement our medical programs in areas where no health or sanitary systems exist, or where the current infrastructures have been overwhelmed by health needs.


Clean drinking water, proper toilets and good hygiene are essential, yet millions of people don’t have access to these basic services. To work tirelesly with communities to set

Hunger and Livelihoods

Our vision for this programme is to become Africa’s largest non governmental humanitarian agency to fight hunger on the continent. Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.

Give help where it's needed most

Get involved and actively participate in volunteer opportunities at Beacon of Hope (Shepherd Bushiri Ministries).

Causes that couldn't wait

Schools Not Slavery for Inhabitants of South Sudan

Beacon of Hope erected an Agricultural College in war torn South Sudan, Africa’s youngest state; to empower the people of South Sudan to be more proactive in the Agricultural sector.

Provide Food and Money to Malawians

Shepherd Bushiri Ministries through the Beacon of Hope Foundation in the first quarter of 2016 spend over $1 million on humanitarian relief efforts in Malawi alone the 4th poorest African nation.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Gives food to the Hunger

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Gives food to the Hunger

Benevolent Words from African Icons

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Humanitarian from Africa and India
"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all."

Nelson Mandela

Humanitarian and first Black President of South Africa


Philantropist, Prophet and Business Tycoon

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World Aids Day


DEC 01

Birthday of Shepherd Bushiri


FEB 20



MAY 25

World Refugee Day

African Refugee Day had been formally celebrated in several countries prior to 2000. The UN noted that the Organization of African Unity (OAU) had agreed to have International Refugee Day coincide with Africa Refugee Day on 20 June.


JUN 20

Nelson Mandela International Day

Nelson Mandela International Day (or Mandela Day) is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrated each year on 18 July,


JUL 18

World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16 October by many other organisations concerned with food security.


OCT 16

Restoring hope, building dignity